BillyGo “plumbing by appointment” changes everything you’ve come to expect from home service companies. You schedule your service appointment when it’s convenient for you, down to the hour of the day. If we don’t arrive within 60 minutes of that time we start deducting from the price.

App-based – We run all aspects of our business with our proprietary app for mobile devices, including scheduling appointments. It takes only minutes and saves you hours.

No Selling – After performing diagnoses, BillyGo technicians provide objective advice on the best way or ways to correct a problem. We repair first and replace only when necessary. If we recommend new or replacement products we will explain the pros and cons.

Flat Rates – Our prices are based on decades of experience, so we know how much time each type of job should require. The price for each type of work is built into the BillyGo app. The price is guaranteed, even if it requires more time than we anticipate.

The Billy in BillyGo

BillyGo is the result of Billy Stevens’ more than two decades as owner and developer of one of the Dallas/Fort Worth area’s leading plumbing and air conditioning companies.

He bought a two-plumber business and grew it to more than 70 people serving thousands of loyal plumbing and air conditioning customers. He sold the business and then used all his experience and creativity to develop the streamlined “plumbing by appointment” business model that sets BillyGo apart from the rest of the home service industry.

Billy Stevens is a Responsible Master Plumber licensed by Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners.

Get the Free BillyGo App

Get the BillyGo app now! It’s free at the Apple App Store and at Google Play. It’s also the only way to schedule plumbing by appointment with BillyGo.